The Art of Love

These five brothers must earn their inheritance to save their family. These five women must show them that loving and forgiveness is the most important art they can learn.

If you love family drama, lots of laughs, grouchy heroes, and determined heroines, you’ll love the Bromley Brothers. 

2-4 🌶️🔥 every book.

The Gentleman's Guide to Courtship

Why are the Duke of Clearford’s five eligible sisters not married yet? That’s what the duke would like to know. He’d also like them married. Now. Perhaps he can help with a guide specifically designed to lead young suitors to victory. 

If you love strong heroines, unconventional heroes, lots of laughs, and a dash of historical feminism, you’ll love the Merriweather sisters adventures!

2-4 🌶️🔥 every book.

These books are not currently in Kindle Unlimited.


The Debutante Dares

These unconventional debutantes will dare each other to find joy and dare the most eligible bachelors of the ton to fall in love with them.

If you love grumpy heroes, daring ladies, hilarious hijinks, and ladies supporting ladies, you’ll love my debutantes.

2-4 🌶️🔥 every book.

These books are not currently in Kindle Unlimited.

The Cavendish Family

When a neglectful father of five returns with a new wife in tow, the lives of his adult daughters are changed. For good or bad? Their journeys to love, forgiveness, and healed family shows just what sort of mettle the Cavendish women are made from.

If you love unconventional Regency romances with mature lovers, experienced heroines, and grumpy cinnamon roll heroes, you’ll adore the Cavendish family.

2-4 🌶️🔥 every book.

London Secrets

These ladies are fiercely independent. So are the men who want them. Falling in love means they’ll have to reveal their hearts… and their secrets.

If you love flawed heroines, stubborn heroes, and a side of Shakespearean shenanigans, you’ll love London Secrets!

1-3 🌶️🔥 every book.

The Charlie-Verse Reading Order

The characters from the Debutante Dares and Gentleman’s Guide to Courtship occupy one universe and you’ll see overlap between timelines and locations in these two series. They are all stand-alone novels, though and do not have to be read in order.

 London Secrets, The Cavendish Family, and the Art of Love series occupy a second universe, and they can be read in two different orders as characters from the Cavendish Family and Art of Love appear in this opening series. Read The Cavendish Family after London Secrets if you need to know more about Ada and Nora (who appear in A Secret Desire and Sinning in Secret). Read Art of Love if you finished Secrets Between Lovers and need to know more about Maggie’s older brothers!

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German Translations / Deutsche Übersetzungen

Das Cavendishes

Die Waghalsigen Debütantinnen