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Nothing could destroy their happily ever after … except maybe themselves. 

After two decades of passionate marriage, Lola and Nathan never expected heartbreak, but when their marriage shatters like a house of glass, they’ll discover if their love is strong enough to rebuild it. 

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When a Lady intends to avoid marriage, can the lord who loves her change her mind? 

Lady Willow's only options are an arranged marriage or the madhouse. Can the sinfully handsome Lord Cordell convince her to choose him, and love, instead? 

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Two broken hearts. A year of separation. The search for a second chance.

Viscount Rigsby must obey his father. Miss Blake must woo the ton. They must learn to please themselves to win a second chance at love. 

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It’s impossible to woo a woman who hates you. Isn’t it? 


Allison despises propriety. Lord Trevor defines it … or appears to. Will these enemies become lovers, or will the viscount keep his secrets?

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She has to save her family. No distractions. No gorgeous and mysterious Tobias Blake. Just a tiny bit of blackmail.


The Cavendish Family Series

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A penniless widow.
A baron in need of a bride.
A marriage of convenience that will save their families or tear them apart. 
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She’ll teach a rogue new tricks.
He’ll teach the bluestocking to run a little wild.
Together, they’ll learn how to reform a rake.
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A hellion with perfect aim.
A boxer running from his past.
Whether pistols or fists, together they'll fight for love.
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