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I'm Charlie Lane, author of lighthearted and hot Regency romance. If you're looking for an unpredictable historical romance with contemporary sensibilities and lots of laughs and steam, you're in the right place!

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My Story

Jane Austen was my gate-way book to the wonderful world of Regency romance novels. There's no telling how many I'd read by the time I finished my undergraduate degree, and I sure as Betsy's bonnet couldn't give you even an estimated count now.


I read them all. 

So it was a natural transition, as an academic writer first and creative writer second, to try my hand at the genre. 

I love Regency romance because of the formality, the decorum, the barely suppressed passions running right beneath the surface. I love it because the Regency period was one of huge social conflict, and we all know conflict makes for good stories. As a period in which women suffered great inequality and injustice, the Regency period is a perfect setting for exploring women's passions, intellect, and identity. 

This is what you'll find in my novels and novellas, I hope--heroines trying to figure out who they are and where they fit into their restrictive worlds; compassionate (and hunky) heroes; and laughs, lots of laughs. 

Oh, and some steamy bits! So bring your fans, dear readers. It may get hot. 

If you're looking for a comparison, look no further than my favorite romance authors, although I can only hope to one day produce the sparkling, ALIVE writing and worlds they do. Julia Quinn, Tessa Dare, Maya Rodale, Sarah McLean and Amanda Quick have all pulled me through grad school, my first real adulting-type job, and into books I never want to end. 

Charlie Beyond the Books


I love connecting with readers! 

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