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Cover Lust All Over the Place!

For those of you following me you know I have a book coming out at the end of August. Leave A Widow Wanting More is a mature lovers Regency romcom with baron scared to a love and a widow who loves ... books. There's a definite Brady Bunch vibe going on, and the reappearance of old characters from London Secrets. We may be in a new series land, but we're still got our old friends at hand!

Enough rhyming. I'm got a gorgeous cover for this book, and I'm excited at how all the covers of this series will fit together. But I'm not talking about that just yet. I'll let you guys figure it out as they are revealed. 😉 Here she is, guys!

That's a chilly widow in need of a burly baron to warm her if ever I saw one! And the rising sun in the background suggests a new day dawning. Love it.

More exciting news--all of the London Secrets books are in paperback now! And they are sooooo pretty.

What's your favorite cover type? Do you like single ladies baring a bit of skin? Do you like couples in passionate embraces? Do you prefer the old Julia Quinn books with understated objects on the covers and sultry step-backs on the inside?

Let me know!

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