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Regency Era Medicine

In my current work in progress-- Daring Done Right, book 6 of The Debutante Dares series--the heroine has an interest in medicine. Blessed with an Oxford Don uncle who sends her whatever books she likes, she's spent years studying illness and the human body.

And I had to spend hours and days studying Regency Era Medicine. The most interesting fact I gleaned regarding the life of Dr. James Murray, born a woman, lived as a man to practice medicine, whose biological gender was only discovered upon their death.

But I also looked at a ton of anatomy books that were in circulation during the Regency to see if muscles had the same names then as they do now. Spoiler... they do. And I looked up how men were educated to become physicians. Women did have medical knowledge but could not be formally trained.

Below is a list of the some of the medical-focused sources I considered while writing Daring Done Right!


On poverty and medicine:

On women and medicine:

On Regency era medical understanding of female pleasure:

Regency Era Anatomy Books:

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