• Charlie Lane

Silk, Cotton, and Luddites, Oh My!

Research for Secrets Between Lovers began with a dive into the textiles industry--brutal cotton, special silks, and those menacing Luddites.

Hey, they were just trying to make a living, actually! Click on the links to read a few of the sources I read during my research and to learn more.

See silk patterns from Spitalfields master weavers in this awesome book:


The Fanshawe Dress from (you guessed it!) Spitalfields is drool worthy:


Learn about the housing and family heritage of Spitalfields silk weavers:


Learn more about the word Luddite and its origin:


Learn more about advances in Textile production during the nineteenth century:


Looking for more historical romance set against the rich background of silk? Look no more!


Let's take that Spitalfields deep dive even deeper!


Secrets Between Lovers is on pre-order right now!

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