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Introducing--The Cavendish Family

My next series is a spin-off of London Secrets. Remember Ada and Nora Cavendish, Lola's nieces? What about that villainous and misguided brother, Cass (Lord Albee), who is banished to the continent at the end of Sinning in Secret? You'll find these and more familiar faces, as well as some new ones in The Cavendish Family series.

So, let's make our bows and curtsies and find out what drama they have in store for us!

Henry Cavendish, Baron Eaden—An adventurous type guy with a smooshy heart that’s suffered loss one too many times. He loves his three daughters and two wards, but is wary of loving. It hurts too much when you lose the person you love. But because he loves his daughters, he’s gonna get them a mother! Enter …

Mrs. Sarah Pennington—a war widow who loves books. She’s got a teenage son of her own and has fended for herself, thank you very much, for a decade now. She works at a place many of you may remember—Hopkins’ Bookshop! When the burly, adventurous Henry barges through the bookshop door, their destinies become tied together! Book 1, Leave a Widow Wanting More will bring you along for the ride!

Ada Cavendish—Ada, you’ve met before. She’s Henrietta’s good friend at the house party in A Secret Desire, and she’s a bit tired of playing Mama to her two sisters and two cousins. In book 2, she’s ready to break free. Run a little wild. Especially when she meets another familiar face from London Secrets—Cass, Lord Albee from Sinning in Secret. He’s a villain in search of a good girl to reform him. Ada may be a good girl, but she’d rather have a good time. Book 2, Teach a Rogue New Tricks will look at what happens when a bad boy and a good girl want different things, yet still want each other.

Nora Cavendish—Nora is another familiar face. She befriends Willow in Sinning in Secret and is secretly living with her Aunt Lola for much of the London Secrets series. Nora is back in London (this time with her father’s permission), and falls in love with Astley’s Circus. She’s a crack shot with a pistol and a first rate horsewoman. She watches the circus tricks and thinks … I could do that! But the resident strong man and boxer at Astley’s heartily disagrees. Book 3, Bring a Boxer to His Knees, will look at how the daring Nora finds a man strong enough to love her.

Jackson Cavendish—You’ve not met Jack yet, though I can’t wait for you to do so! He’s a jolly sort of fellow with a big heart that beats for one woman. But she’s a bit of a grump, has a murky past, and doesn’t seem to notice him at all. Gwendolyn is on the run, and has been for year. She can’t stop for love, not even when the man doing the loving is Jackson. Book 4, Love a Lady at Midnight, is a novella-length look at fear, love, and finding where you belong,

Whose story are you looking forward to the most?

Start the family drama now and preorder Leave a Widow Wanting More.

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